The Emergency Department Echo ("EDE") 2 Course is an advanced point-of-care ultrasound course that will take the seasoned practitioner to the next level. EDE 2 has been created by a team of over a dozen editors, authors, and translators from across the country. Although it brings you new indications, EDE 2 retains the principles of the original EDE course: sticking to the essentials, an emphasis on learning image generation, and the straightforward and safe incorporation of EDE into clinical practice.

Since 2016, the course is under a new format. EDE 2 is still a 2-day course. But “Day 1” consists of completing online modules which can be done at a time and place of your choosing in the weeks prior to the course. The modules are cutting-edge and very interactive. They allow participants to go through the material at their own pace, at a time of their own choosing, and as often as they like. The live part of the course lasts 1 day (“Day 2”) and consists mostly of scanning sessions, with brief mini-lectures to remind participants how to perform the various scans. The course manual is the book titled “Essentials of Point-of-Care Ultrasound”. The book combines the course manuals of EDE and EDE 2. Participants can choose the print or eBook version (available on iBooks only).

Bring EDE 2 to your hospital

If you are interested in bringing the EDE 2 course to your hospital for your physician group, please contact the course director, Dr. Steve Socransky at


Advanced knobology



  1. Stones
  2. Cholecystitis


  1. Hydronephrosis & stones
  2. Bladder size and assisted Foley catheter placement

Inferior Vena Cava

  1. IVC assessment to guide fluid management

Advanced cardiac

  1. Parasternal long and apical 4 chamber views
  2. Gross systolic left ventricular dysfunction function in shock and dyspnea NYD
  3. The empty left ventricle in hypovolemic shock
  4. Right ventricular dilatation in a large pulmonary embolus


  1. Pneumothorax
  2. Hemothorax/pleural effusion
  3. Interstitial edema (B lines)


  1. Thoracentesis
  2. Paracentesis
  3. Suprapubic catheter/aspiration
  4. Pericardiocentesis
  5. Lumbar puncture

Deep venous thrombosis


Joint effusions

  1. Detection of an effusion in the ankle, knee, hip and elbow
  2. EDE-guided arthrocentesis & steroid injection


  1. Bedside diagnosis
  2. Reduction guidance

Vascular access

  1. Central venous lines (IJ, femoral)
  2. Peripheral IV
  3. Arterial lines



Soft tissue

  1. Abscesses/Hematoma
  2. Foreign bodies
  3. Peritonsillar abscess


  1. Retinal detachment
  2. Posterior vitreous detachment
  3. Vitreous hemorrhage

Nerve blocks (forearm, femoral)


Typical Schedule

0800-0820hIntro/Knobology lecture
0820-0855hIVC lecture/scanning
0855-1005hGB lecture/scanning
1005-1015hShort break for coffee/food
1010-1135hAdvanced Cardiac lecture/scanning
1135-1215hThoracic lecture/scanning
1245-1350hDVT lecture/scanning
1350-1400hLP lecture
1400-1410hShort break for coffee/food
1410-1545hLP/Ocular/JVP/Kidney/Bladder/Joints/Fractures/Foreign bodies/Thoracentesis scanning
1545-1555hVisual Quiz
1555-1705hNerve Blocks/Vascular Access scanning

Day 2 focuses on scans of the head, neck, and extremities, using a higher frequency probe.

8:00 - 8:40 DVT lecture
8:40 - 9:55 DVT scanning
9: 55 - 10:05 Short break for coffee/food
10:05 - 10:40 Joints Lecture
10:40 - 10:55 Fracture lecture
10:55 - 11:30 Joints/Fracture scanning
11:30 - 12:00 Extra GB or Cardiac or DVT scanning
12:00 - 12:40 Lunch
12:40 - 13:15 Vascular access lecture
13:15 - 13:25 JVP Lecture
13:25 - 14:05 Vascular access scanning
14:05 - 14:40 Skin lecture
14:40 - 14:50 Short break for coffee/food
14:50 - 15:15 Eye lecture
15:15 - 15:35 Nerve block lecture
15:35 - 16:30 Skin/Eye/Nerve scanning
16:30 - 16:45 Day 2 Positive Scan Quiz & Conclusions


The course fee for The EDE 2 Course is $2545 plus HST. This is the course fee for open courses. The cost of the course will vary for closed/private courses based on expenses of the local centre. There is a $300 discount for residents (maximum: 2 resident discounts per course).


Regardless of the reason for cancellation, the cancellation policy for open courses is as follows:

Participants may cancel their EDE 2 Course reservation one month prior to the first day of the course and receive a full refund less $300 (mostly the cost of the book and the credit card fee). For example, if the course starts on March 27, you may cancel up to February 27 at 2359h to fall into this category.

Participants may cancel their EDE 2 Course reservation from fifteen days to one month prior to the first day of the course and receive a full refund less $600. For example, if the course starts on March 27, you may cancel up to March 12 at 2359h to fall into this category.

Cancellations received less or equal to fourteen days before the first day of the course are not entitled to a refund.