The EDE 2 Course

The Emergency Department Echo ("EDE") 2 Course is an advanced point-of-care ultrasound course that will take the seasoned practitioner to the next level. EDE 2 has been created by a team of over a dozen editors, authors, and translators from across the country. Although it brings you new indications, EDE 2 retains the principles of the original EDE course: sticking to the essentials, an emphasis on learning image generation, and the straightforward and safe incorporation of EDE into clinical practice.

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Saskatoon, SK

Jun 6 - 6, 2024

This EDE 2 Course is being organized by the good folks from Prairie POCUS team, led by Dr Ankit Kapur. It is being held in Saskatoon on Thursday, June 6. Please register for the course at As with all EDE 2 Courses, participants receive access to the EDE eBook, EDE 2 online modules, and newly released smart phone app called “EDE Bedside Aid”. The EDE eBook combines the course manuals of EDE and EDE 2. The eBook is now available on a new platform which works for all users: Mac, Windows, and Android. The eBook is free when you sign up for the course. You will have the option of buying the EDE print book as well on the EDE 2 website, but you do not need to. Participants complete the EDE 2 online modules at a time and place of their choosing in the weeks leading up to the course. The modules are cutting-edge and very interactive. The live part of the course lasts 1 day and consists mostly of scanning sessions, with mini-lectures to remind participants how to perform the various scans. “EDE Bedside Aid” is available on the Apple App store and Google Play store.
This course is being followed by a CPOCUS Resus Bootcamp on June 7-8, also organized by Prairie POCUS. Registration is also at

CHUL, Québec

le 19 - 19 juin, 2024

Ce cours public sera tenu en français au CHUL à Québec. Le cours est maintenant offert le nouveau format. Le cours est toujours un cours qui dure 2 jours. Mais « jour 1 » consiste à compléter des modules en ligne. Les modules sont à l’avant-garde et très interactifs. La partie en direct du cours dure 1 jour (« jour 2 »). Jour 2 est principalement consacré à des ateliers, avec des mini-présentations pour rappeler aux participants comment effectuer les ÉDU.
Le livre ÉDU réunit les manuels des cours ÉDU et ÉDU 2. Vous pouvez choisir le livre imprimé ou le livre numérique. Vous aurez l’option d’acheter le livre imprimé lorsque vous vous inscrivez pour le cours. Si vous préférez le livre numérique, il peut être acheté au Apple Books. Le livre numérique coûte environ 40 $, mais s'il vous plaît noter qu'il est uniquement disponible pour iPad ou pour les ordinateurs Mac avec iBooks installé.

Essentials of Point-of-Care Ultrasound

This "how-to" guide book contains over 700 illustrations, photos, and ultrasound images which show you how to perform the scan and how to recognize positive and negative images. As well, the book focuses on how you can incorporate these images into your clinical decision-making.