This course has really changed my practice. I have impressed ICU consultants, ophthalmology residents and I think I've done my patients a better service and fine-tuned many areas of my practice. Also, the residents are hungry for this kind of teaching and now I can better deliver it. What more can I say! I think this was the practical and relevant teaching course I have taken in my emergency medicine training. I really thank you and the rest of the team.

I just finished reading your EDE-2 manual. Really outstanding...congratulations. I've worked my way through other ED ultrasound books, as well as lots of articles/videos etc. And you've done an amazing job of breaking it down into essential "graspable" bits. Bravo.

I didn't expect my first use of EDE 2 to be on my own kid, but ...

My 5 y.o. fooshed and broke his pre-epiphyseal radius & ulna. 100% displacement of the shaft with 2cm of ugly locked up foreshortening. The emergency physician performed the reduction and I did the EDE. It was wild to see the precision of reduction that the modality made possible. Truely anatomic. Really crazy that we have all sat on this technology without using it for so many years! My son thanks you!

It was a very excellent course! I have been thoroughly enjoying using EDE 2 in my practice (with appropriate formal follow-up of course).

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the EDE 2 Course. Myy 2 shifts since have been a little EDE crazy: +GB with stones, +pleural effusion & pneumo not seen on supine CXR, used to help guide & confirm a difficult catheter, mild hydro in colic & r/o AAA, already used PSL, JVP, IVC, Central line placement, etc... in a crashing septic patient. I definitely drank the Koolaid. Thanks again.

Just wanted thank the EDE 2 for the skills I learned during the course in early 2011. Case in point: late last night, saw a 21-year-old homeless woman with a history of drug and alcohol abuse who came to the ED because of a one day history of severe L hip pain, inability to weight bear and fever. My Hip EDE showed a large effusion that I landmarked then successfully tapped for more than 20 mL of purulent synovial fluid. Ordered IV antibiotics and called the Orthopedics consultant who was very impressed by the images of the effusion and the fact that I was able to do an arthrocentesis of the hip joint (something I would have never had the guts to attempt before taking the EDE course).

Merci encore!